About Us

Matthew J.Stewart has lived most of his life in Leeds in the U.K. He has grown up with two sister only in three bed room house.

Matthew went to school and the University of Leeds and He studied BEng Mechanical Engineering and he graduated in 1980. In the university days, Matthew was working part-time in one of the biggest markets as an accountant in Leeds where he was staying till 10 pm.

Matthew was feeling sleepy by 7 pm and he used to drink coffee at least 3 cups a day to wake him up. His work mates were participating with him and drinking coffee.

Matthew has been addicted to coffee and thought about opening a small store just for personal use. He was inviting his friends and colleagues to taste his coffee with different flavours. His friend called David has encouraged him to open a commercial shop to sell coffee. Matthew’s Coffee first branch was in Cardigan Road in Leeds, then the business has grown up and expanded in a number of places in the UK and outside the UK.